Almost everything you need to know about video marketing.

This is how you reach the B2B buyers of today: Stop selling and start educating

The world has changed, and we as salesforce have to change! Contemporary B2B buyers are becoming smarter, and here are a few tips to apply today:

  • Take the role of an expert - try to inspire instead of selling
  • Show value and inspire - help your customer to imagine a future with your product
  • A sales conversation under another denominator is unfair - always be clear towards your customers
  • Be human - as a human being we just want to make contact with other people

Using video in every phase of your customer lifecycle

The customer lifecycle is the journey someone takes when communicating with your product. Compared to the traditional marketing funnel, the customer lifecycle is focused on what happens when someone goes out the door and everything that comes afterwards. Although every company is different, customers and companies still have certain core needs. These groups help and plan your campaigns and make it understandable to the team what to work on and why. Furthermore, it is very dependent on the stage of the customer lifecycle where you can use video the best, and where you might be better off choosing a different tool. Take the time to do it right.

Video inzetten

4 ways to communicate with your customers using video!

If you are not using video in your sales process already, you are missing out! Here are 4 tips to start with:

  • Use prospecting video to attract attention and create value in e-mail
  • Stay top of mind with your customers using a memorable video email signature
  • Use video on social platforms to share knowledge
  • Video for enthusiasm at the end of the funnel

3 steps to optimize your marketing videos for sales

The best video marketers take a few simple steps to optimize their marketing videos, helping them improve sales processes. You start by making the right types of videos:

  • Which marketing videos will help your sales team?
    Think product videos, webinars, case studies and testimonials
  • Integration with your marketing automation platform
    Think of scoring lead, viewing notifications and turnstile for e-mail collection
  • Involve your sales team in promotion care that your sales team knows when to use which video

Make an inpact!
Use video in your sales process

Buyers are difficult to reach nowadays and have often made prejudices and their own research. The good news is that the use of video can help you with this. These are a number of top tips:

  • Map your sales cycle
    Make sure you have written it out completely so that you and your team fully understand the sales cycle
  • Analyze where the greatest opportunities for video lie
    What are repeated tasks, powerful moments, etc.
  • Start small. Do not immediately change everything, so choose only one high-impact area until your team has had enough time to adjust

How to add video to your emails

Super, you use video and e-mail together! Have you ever thought about the technical side of this? Here are a few tips:

  • Keep in mind the file size - make sure they are not too large
  • Devices are not created in the same way - email coding
  • You can not please everyone - let go of that thought
  • In-line video - the user experience may be better, but your statistics will not be
  • Keep an eye on updates - we live in a world of ever-changing technology
  • Use your powers wisely - take into account your overall marketing goals, technical limitations and the overall user experience

When do you use which video in your marketing funnel?

As marketers, we find it important to use video at every stage of the marketing funnel. You can start planning your videos around specific goals to see better results. But how can you win customers at every stage of the buyers journey through video?

The normal marketing funnel looks like this:

A good start, but we leave behind an important area in which video can have an enormous impact; retention. That's why we have updated the funnel:

Adding video to your sales process in 6 steps

Making a real connection with a prospect lead is difficult, that is no secret. A way to make this easier? Add video to your sales process. Let's take a look at this step by step.

  • Determine your goal - be strategic what you want to achieve
  • Choose a contact - decide who receives your custom video, completely dependent on your goal
  • Brainstorm ideas - for one-off sales videos you do not have a script
  • Create and edit your video - we have put together useful tips for you!
  • Send your email - use 'video' in the subject line and the e-mail text
  • Follow your success - statistics, experiment and test

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Video SEO: how structured data and rich snippets generate views

We all love videos, and the creators that make them for us. But what about the world of SEO? This is how it works:



This thumbnail preview appears in the search results. This could provide a compelling link to your video, increasing the organic clickthrough rate (CTR) and generate views.

  • STRUCTURED DATA - a way of letting search engines know how content on a web page should be indexed.

Solve common marketing challenges with video

Video has become an important element in our marketing landscape. But, how can you ever invest the necessary time, energy and budget to make a video? It is possible, and really are ways to solve problems with video, while you also do better marketing!

Budget video

Marketers do not always have a large budget. That's why choosing the right video is very important to get the maximum out of it and reach your marketing goals.

Make a video with a small budget?

Use the camera you already have and keep the video short. Then it costs little money but also little time!


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Why video & marketing is such a good match

Now we know that video is powerful to tell a story. But making videos is not always easy. We have listed for you how you can determine when and where in your marketing it is advantageous to use video:

  • Identify your needs
  • Use case studies
  • Plan ahead
  • Roll it out
  • Send and test

A successful testimonial video strategy

Video testimonials create trust and credibility. But what is a good testimonial strategy?

For a qualitatively testimonial the following things are important:

  • Show real customers that are representative of your audience
  • Present a specific problem that can solve your product better than anything else
  • Make a back-up of promises with proof
  • Show the most important benefits in action Provide a clear CTA (Call To Action) 

It is important to try and find your very best storytellers. In the video it is smart to throw facts at skeptical people, and focus mainly on the benefits of your product. Add Call To Action's to your video, and ensure the overall right strategy.



Grow your email list with video

There is a battle going on for online attention. We have an increasingly shorter focus and new innovative ideas are needed to really stand out. So, how do you grow your email subscriber file with videos? These are a number of basic principles:

The value of an e-mail address. Email addresses are important. This is the favorite communication tool for brands and companies for 68% of consumers. Despite the rise of other channels such as social media, email remains important.

Grow your subscriber list. This can be done in different ways, such as:

  • Website: web forms, banners or pop-ups
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Offline events: appointments, fairs, industry conferences, lectures
  • Marketing material: e-books, white papers, webinars
  • Contests: giveaways, shares, referrals

Questions about email addresses in a video can occur at various points in your video. Before, during or after. Of course, all options have advantages and disadvantages. The best option depends on your product, your prospects and your video. Discover what works best for your product and your subscribers and respond to it.

5 tips for adding video to your social media strategy

We all know that video is the most powerful content on social media. Below are 5 important things to keep in mind when you start video on your social media channels:

  • Determine your video goals - make sure you pursue your goals before you design and create your videos.
  • Know where your audience hangs and what they love - identify your target audience and the social platforms they spend most of their time on.
  • Focus on the strengths of social media - such as Instagram videos for campaign teasers and Snapchat for real-time reporting.
  • Advertise - reinforce your content on social media by advertising.
  • ROI - measure the results so that you can prove the value of your investment.
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How customer service videos help your customers

A smart, thoughtful video with customer support can provide your customers with the information they need at the right time. There are 3 important aspects of added value:

  • Voice over

    First create a plan for what you want to show and say and how long your video will be. For this you make a pre-production plan.

  • Screencast

    Make a digital recording of your screen and make sure that any notifications you might receive during recording are turned off.

  • Music and sound

    Adding the right background music and sound effects will make the difference in your end result.


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